The history of Leopoldov spa

Sulfur baths Smradavka are part of Buchlovice located in colourful valley of chriby near castle Buchlov and chateau Buchlovice. 

The spa was founded in 1805 by famous humanarial Leopold Berchtold. He lived in the chateau Buchlovice and the haunting lodge where he also died.

Sulfur baths took place in the next building of hauntig lodge under medical supervision..

After some time the spa disappeared and were used for recreation and relaxation purposes. 
On the basis of history the spa and sulfur baths were restored and opened in 2012.

Currently the spa in popular place to relax physically and mentally.

Natural mineral sulfur water has a therapeutic effect on rheumatic, neurological, ortopedic and skin diseases.

Lázně leopoldov se zapojily do odměňování zaměstnanců zdravotních a sociálních služeb, kteří projevili mimořádné úsilí při zvládání pandemie COVID-19 v rámci RP21-21 VOUCHER ODMĚNA PRO ZAMĚSTNANCE, PODPORA CESTOVNÍHO RUCHU.